Invited Speakers and Tutorials

Plenary Lectures

  • Characterization of Phase Transitions in Biopolymer Systems: MRI, 2D Relaxation and PGSE NMR
    Joseph D. Seymour, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT/USA

  • Routine Application of NMR Spectroscopy in Official Food Control
    Dirk W. Lachenmeier, T. Kuballa, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Karlsruhe/D

  • NMR Micro Systems
    J. G. Korvink, KIT Karlsruhe/D

Invited Lectures

  • NMR Analysis of Food Extracts Through p-H2 Hyperpolarization   
    Marco Tessari, N. Hermkens, I. Reile, N. Eshuis, R. Aspers, Radboud University, Nijmegen/NL
  • Measurement of Food Quality Postharvest, In-line and In-container using Low Field NMR and MRI
    Michael McCarthy, K. McCarthy,  Matthew Augustine, University of California, Davis, CA/USA
  • Diffusion and Multiple-Quantum NMR: Increased Resolution and for Enhanced Characterisation of Foodstuff
    Stefano Caldarelli, Aix-Marseille University /F
  • Metabolomic investigations of Health Effects of Dairy Products
    Morten R. Clausen, C. C. Yde, H. C. Bertram, B. Liaset
    Aarhus University/DK
  • Physicochemical Characterisation of Multiple W/O/W Emulsions by NMR Diffusometry and Relaxometry
    Paul Van der Meeren, Lien Vermeir, Ghent University/B


  • Chemometric Data Analysis
    W. Kessler, Steinbeis Transferzentrum für Prozesskontrolle und Datenanalyse, Reutlingen/D
  • Fast Sequences
    B. Luy, KIT Karlsruhe/D; W. Bermel, Bruker Biospin GmbH Rheinstetten/D
  • Choice of MRI Methods for the Investigation of Various Food Materials
    D. Groß, Bruker BioSpin GmbH Rheinstetten/D

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