Poster Programme

NMR Development, Exhibition Hall, D1-D5
D1 CLIP-ASAP-HSQC for Fast and Accurate Extraction of One-Bond Couplings from Isotropic and Partially Aligned Molecules
J. Becker, B. Luy
D2 CLIP-COSY: A Clean In-Phase Experiment for the Rapid Acquisition of COSY-Type Correlations
M.R.M. Koos, J.D. Haller, B. Luy
D3 Residual Dipolar Coupling-Accelerated Molecular Dynamics for Structural Elucidation of Small Molecules with Increasing Flexibility
P. Tzvetkova, U. Sternberg, T. Gloge, A. Navarro-Vázquez, B. Luy
D4 Cross-Linked Poly(ethylene Glycol) Diacrylate – A Universal Alignment Medium for the Measurement of Residual Dipolar Couplings
T. Gloge, P. Tzvetkova, L. Barner, J. Peters, B. Luy
D5 Elucidation of Maillard Reaction Pathways by means of the Carbon-Bond Labeling Technique (CABOLA)
O. Frank, M. Hegmanns, T. Hofmann
Low Field NMR and Other Techniques, Exhibition Hall, L1-L9
L1 Rapid Method to Measure T1 of Food Products in Single Scans
L.A. Colnago, T. Bueno Moraes, T. Monaretto
L2 Starch Retrogradation Investigated by 1D and 2D NMR
R. Kovrlija, E. Goubin, C. Rondeau-Mouro
L3 Studies of the Retrogradation Process of Starch in Gels by Using Low Field NMR Method
H.M. Baranowska, M. Sikora, M. Krystyjan, A. Dobosz, P. Tomasik, E.M. Kutyła-Kupidura
L4 Bread Staling: TD-NMR Study via T1-T2 2D Maps
E. Curti, E. Carini, E. Vittadini, M.F. Cobo, T. Bocher, H. Todt
L5 Pasta Cooking: TD-NMR Study via T1-T2 2D Maps
E. Curti, E. Carini, E. Vittadini, M.F. Cobo., T. Bocher, H. Todt
L6 A Combined Rheology and TD NMR Approach for Determining Water Distribution in Protein Blends
B. Dekkers, D.W. de Kort, K.J. Grabowska, B. Tian, H. Van As, A.J. van der Goot
L7 The Moisture and Oil Distribution in Tobacco
T. Li, Y. Zhang, P. Yang
L8 Study of the Moisture Equilibrium of Tobacco by Using Spin-Echo Single Point Imaging Sequence
Y. Zhang, T. Li, P. Yang
L9 Correlating Crystallization Kinetics and Rheological Properties of Polyethylene Using a Newly Developed Low-Field RheoNMR Combination
M.B. Özen, V. Räntzsch, K.-F. Ratzsch, G. Guthausen, N. Kavak, P.-K. Dannecker, M.A.R. Meier, M. Wilhelm
Method and Application, Exhibition Hall, D1-A12
A1 Quantitative 1H-NMR to Assist the SNIF-NMR Analysis
R. Popescu, O.R. Botoran, D. Costinel, R.E. Ionete
A2 PFG-NMR Analysis of Organic Acids in Oil/Water Emulsions
N. Decourcelle, S. Guégan, F. Courand, J.-F. Le Page, A.G. Mathot, O. Couvert, I. Leguérinel, C. Rondeau-Mouro
A3 Improved Methods and Tools for Identification of Mixture Components by NMR
G. Rheinwald, S. Golotvin, S. Pol, P. Wheeler, B. Pautler, T. Salbert
A4 Proton Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis (1H q-NMR) of Various Extracts of Raw and Thermally Processed (“Roasted”) Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Beans: Influence of the Extraction Process
G. Nord, E. Hamon, D. Aoudé-Werner, H. This
A5 Determination of Fish Oil Quality by 1H NMR Spectroscopy and Multivariate Statistics
E. Giese, O. Winkelmann, S. Rohn, J. Fritsche
A6 1H NMR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics Evaluation of Non-Thermal Processing of Orange Juice
E.G. Alves Filho, F. D. L. Almeida, R. S. Cavalcante, E. S. de Brito, P. J. Cullen, J. M. Frias, P. Bourke, F. A.N. Fernandes, Sueli Rodrigues
A7 NMR Metabolomic Investigation of Calligonum Azel Maire
M. Bannour, A. Khadhri, D.W. Lachenmeier, T. Kuballa, S. Smiti, B. Hanchi
A8 Quantitative In-Situ NMR to Characterize Protein Oxidation and its Dynamics
G. Pagès, A. Morisse, P. Gatellier, E. Martineau, P. Giraudeau, J.-M. Bonny
A9 Quantitative HSQC-NMR Screening of Feruloylated Arabinoxylan Side Chain Profiles in Cereal Grains
R.R. Schendel, U. Schmitt, M. Bunzel
A10 A 2D-NMR-Spectroscopic Profiling Approach to Analyse Structural Elements of Neutral Pectic Side Chains
D. Wefers, M. Bunzel
A11 Liquid and Solid-State 1H, 13;C and 11B NMR Analysis of Magnesium Fructoborate Complex: Chemical Structure, Identification and Stability Study
B. Nemzer, J. Edwards
A12 Identification and Characterization of Ca and Mg Different Sugar Borate Esters Using Multi Nuclear Liquid and Solid-State NMR
B. Nemzer, J. Hunter, J. Edwards
MRI and Diffusion, Exhibition Hall, M1-M6
M1 A Framework for Nucleus Density Quantitative Mapping Corrected for B1-Errors
J.-M. Bonny, S. Clerjon
M2 Understanding Meat Crust Formation: Validate Mathematical Models from Quantitative Microscopic MRI
S. Clerjon, S. Portanguen, A. Kondjoyan, J.-M. Bonny
M3 Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Monitor the Curing of Century Eggs
C. Hickling, A. Hogg, R. H. Morris
M4 Magnetic Resonance as a Tool to Assess Moisture Content in Potatoes for Frying Processes
E.R. Dye, M.I. Newton, R.H. Morris
M5 MRI Study of Staling Process in White Bread: Effect of Bread Improver
A. Traoré, L. Linossier, S. Chapron
M6 Water Diffusion in Biofilms with Different Physical Structures
M.P. Herrling, J. Weisbrodt, H. Horn, S. Lackner, G. Guthausen
Application/Foodomics, Exhibition Hall, F1-F20
F1 Food Matrix Description and Stability: A New Perspective from Foodomics
A. Trimigno, G. Picone, C. Pineda-Vadillo, D. Dupont, A. Bordoni, F. Capozzi
F2 NMR Studies of the Quality-Deteriorating Wooden Breast Syndrome in Chicken
H.C. Bertram, U.K. Sundekilde, M.K. Rasmussen, P. Brandt, J.F. Young
F3 Characterization and Identification of Biomarkers from Deterioration in Freshwater Fish by NMR and Chemometrics
L.M. Lião, V.S. Pinto, I.S. Flores
F4 Extensive Regulation of Diurnal Transcription and Metabolism by Glucocorticoids
B.D. Weger, M. Weger, B. Görling, C. Gobet, M. Yildiz, C. Keime, G. Poschet, B. Jost, N. Krone, R. Hell, T. Akcay, T. Güran, F. Gachon, B. Luy, T. Dickmeis
F5 Rapid Identification of Imitation Cheese and Imitation Ice Cream Based on Vegetable Fat Using NMR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics
R. Brendel, T. Kuballa, D.W. Lachenmeier, R. Godelmann, C. Andlauer, Y.B. Monakhova
F6 Classification of the Botanical Origin of Honey by 1H NMR in combination with Chemometric Methods and New Data Fusion Approaches
N. Gerhardt, P. Weller, S. Rohn, M. Ohmenhaeuser, T. Kuballa
F7 Definition of Monofloral and Polyfloral Honeys Based on NMR Metabolomic Profiling
E. Schievano, C. Finotello, J. Uddin, S. Mammi, L. Piana
F8 Characterization of Lignin Structures of Plant Based Foods by 2D-NMR Spectroscopy
J. Schäfer, M. Bunzel
F9 Longitudinal Metabolic Profiling during Growth and Storage of Apples from Different Production Systems Studied by 1H HR-MAS NMR
M. Vermathen, M. Marzorati, G. Diserens, D. Baumgartner, C. Good, F. Gasser, P. Vermathen
F10 Untargeted NMR Spectroscopic Analysis of the Metabolic Variety of Apple Cultivars
P. Eisenmann, M. Ehlers, C. Weinert, M. Rist, B. Luy, C. Muhle-Goll
F11 Variation of Blueberry’s Metabolic Profile: The Influence of Ambient and Genetic Factors
A.P. Sobolev, D. Capitani, N. Proietti, M. Delfini, S. Carradori, F.R. De Salvador, L. Mannina
F12 Fingerprint Profile by 1H NMR and Chemometric Analysis of Freeze-Dried Açaí Berry Pulp
T. da Conceição Alves, A.G. Ferreira, M. do Socorro Padilha de Oliveira, R. de Andrade Mattietto
F13 Study of Lipoxigenase Enzyme Activity in Common Beans by NMR and UV Spectroscopies
L.M. Lião, A.K. Silva, P.Z. Bassinello, A.C. Lanna
F14 Authentication of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Using 1H NMR Spectroscopy
S. Schumacher, S. Mayer, C. Sproll, T.Kuballa, D.W. Lachenmeier
F15 HR-MAS NMR Spectroscopy on the Quality Control of Green Tea
A. Barison, M. de Fátima Costa Santos
F16 Investigation of the Impact of UV-C Treatment on Grape Must Using Untargeted NMR Spectroscopy
L.A. Kromm, K.Briviba, M.R. Stahl, T.Kuballa, D.W. Lachenmeier
F17 Whisky Analysis through the Application of NMR Metabolomic Techniques
N. MacKinnon, C. Trautwein, J.G. Korvink
F18 Nontargeted NMR Analysis to Detect Hazardous Substances Including Methanol in Unrecorded Alcohol from Russia
T. Hausler, M. Neufeld, J. Rehm, T. Kuballa, D.W. Lachenmeier
F19 Classification of Italian Vinegar by Foodomics Approach
G. Picone, M. Sacco, A. Trimigno, F. Capozzi
F20 HR-MAS NMR as Technique to Monitor In-Vivo Growth and Real-Time Fermentation Patterns of Saccharomyces Cerevisae
C. Trautwein, M.V. Meissner, J. Höfflin, J.G. Korvink


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