Programme Overview



Tuesday, June 7, Afternoon

12:00 Registration
14:00 Welcome
Tutorials, Chair: F. Capozzi
14:10 Chemometric Data Analysis
W. Kessler
15:10 Fast Data Acquisition Methods
W. Bermel, B. Luy
16:10 Choice of MRI Methods for the Investigation of Various Food Materials
D. Gross, V. Lehmann, T. Oerther, K. Zick, S. Schuhmann
16:60 Technical and Practical Aspects of PFG Diffusion Experiments with respect to Food Applications
K. Zick
17:30 Welcome Mixer, EXHIBITION HALL
18:30 Meeting of Scientific Committee, Chair: J. van Duynhoven, LECTURE HALL



Wednesday, June 8

NMR Development, Chair: B. Luy, LECTURE HALL
09:00 Conference Opening
09:10 Plenary: NMR Micro Systems
J.G. Korvink
09:55 Invited: NMR Analysis of Food Extracts through paraHydrogen Hyperpolarization
M. Tessari
10:25 Structure and Dynamics of D-Fructose and Related Amadori Derivatives
M. Kaufmann, C. Mügge, L.W. Kroh
10:45 Coffee Break, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL
From Method Development to Application, Chair: S.B. Engelsen, LECTURE HALL
11:10 Invited: Diffusion and Multiple-Quantum NMR: Increased Resolution for Enhanced Characterisation of Mixtures
S. Caldarelli
11:40 Molecular Mapping of the Amino Acid Perturbated Metabolome of S. Cerevisiae by means of a HPLC-NMR Offline Sliced Metabolomics Approach
R. Hammerl, O. Frank, T. Hofmann
12:00 Analysis of the Compositional Changes in Muscular Tissue Thermally Processed by Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (qNMR)
D. Pitoux, M. Bria, V. Achterberg, D. Lioger, H. This
12:20 Lunch, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL
Low Field NMR and Other Techniques I, Chair: J. van Duynhoven, LECTURE HALL
13:30 Invited: Examples of Low Field NMR in Factory Process and High Pressure Process Environments
M.N. Martin, T.R. Wong, M.J. McCarthy, M.P. Augustine
14:00 A New 2D T1-T2 (IR-FID-CPMG) Method for the Characterization of Food and their Transformation
C. Rondeau-Mouro, R. Kovrlija, S. Moussaoui
14:20 Characterisation of Emulsions by PFG-NMR
G.H. Sørland
14:40 Use of Temperature-Controlled Low Field 1H NMR to Study Changes during Simulated Baking of a Flour-Water Model System
G.M. Bosmans, J.A. Delcour
15:00 Low-Field RheoNMR: New Combination of Rheology and TD-NMR to Correlate Mechanical Properties with Molecular Dynamics in Soft Matter
V. Räntzsch, M.B. Özen, K.-F. Ratzsch, G. Guthausen, M. Wilhelm
15:20 Coffee Break, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL
Low field NMR and Other Techniques II, Chair: A. Fereira, LECTURE HALL
16:00 TD-NMR as a Method to Determine and Characterize the Water-Binding Capacity of Whey Protein Microparticles
J.P.C.M. Peters, F.J. Vergeldt, H. Van As, H. Luyten, R.M. Boom, A.J. van der Goot
16:20 Characterization of Red and White Cocoyam (Xanthosoma Sagittifolium)
M. Gudjónsdóttir, A.A. Boakye, F.D. Wireko-Manu, I. Oduro
16:40 Rapid and Quantitative Assessment of Early Lipid Oxidation in Mayonnaises during Shelf-Life by 1H-NMR
D. Merkx, S. Hong, A. Ermacora, J. van Duynhoven
17:00 Automatized Determination of Ingredients in Non-Alcoholic Beverages with NMR
S. Ackermann, K. Dolsophon, T. Thongpanchang, I. Ruge, H. Reusch, D.W. Lachenmeier, M. Bunzel, T. Kuballa
17:20 Time-Course Evolution of Bioactive Compounds Thermally Treated in Water
L. Le Falher, C. Doyen, V. Faugeras, D. Lioger, F.X. Deolarte, H. This
17:40 Finger Food, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL
19:00 Discussion Session: Quantitative NMR, Chair: D.W. Lachenmeier
Experts: T. Schönberger, M. Spraul, LECTURE HALL



Thursday, June 9

MRI and Diffusion I, Chair:J.M. Bonny, LECTURE HALL
09:00 Plenary: MR Measurements of Phase Transitions Molecular Dynamics in Gels: PGSE MR, MRI and Relaxation Correlations
J.D. Seymour
09:45 Invited: Physicochemical Characterisation of Multiple W/O/W Emulsions by NMR Diffusometry and Relaxometry
P. van der Meeren, L Vermeir
10:15 NMR Diffusometric Droplet Sizing in Emulsions with Murday-Cotts and Regularization Methods
J.-H. Sommerling, A.J. Simon, G. Guthausen, G. Leneweit, H. Nirschl
10:35 Coffee Break, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL
MRI and Diffusion II, Chair:J.M. Bonny, LECTURE HALL
11:00 Characterisation of Gel Networks by NMR Nanoprobe Diffusometry
D. de Kort, F. Hoeben, E. Schuster, N. Loren, L.Z. Hohlbein, L. Zuidgeest, M. Emondts, H. Janssen, S. Han, H. Van As, J. van Duynhoven
11:20 Use of Multiparametric MRM in Monitoring of the Ham Dry-Curing Process
F. Bajd, M. Škrlep, M. Čandek-Potokar, J. Vidmar, I. Serša
11:40 Flow Behaviour of Fat Crystal Dispersions: A Rheo-MRI View
T. Nikolaeva, D. de Kort, Voda, H. Van As, J. van Duynhoven
12:00 Visualisation of Fouling Layer Formation and Flow in Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes Using MRI
F. Arndt, S. Schuhmann, G. Guthausen, S. Schütz, H. Nirschl
12:20 Lunch, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL
Application/Foodomics I, Chair:M. Bunzel, LECTURE HALL
13:30 Kinetic Analysis of the Metabolism of Food Protective Cultures by In Vitro NMR and Chemometrics
P. Ebrahimi, F.H. Larsen, H.M. Jensen, F.K. Vogensen, S.B. Engelsen
13:45 NMR-based Metabolomics to Assess Fruit Quality
P. Schuster, P. Eisenmann, C. Mack, B. Luy, S. Kulling, M. Rist, C. Weinert, C. Muhle-Goll
14:00 Metabolic Responses of Clams, Ruditapes Decussatus and Ruditapes Philippinarum, to Short-Term Exposure to Lead and Zinc
V. Aru, G. Sarais, F. Savorani, S.B. Engelsen, C. Marincola
14:15 1H NMR Spectroscopy – A Tool for Authenticity Control of Wine
R. Godelmann
14:30 SPE-NMR: Revival of an Old Technique for the Analysis of Wine and Juice
M. Godejohann, Y. Jaradat, M. Spraul
14:45 Coffee Break, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL

Company Tours

→ Bruker

→ Max Rubner-Institut

→ Hoepfner Brewery
19:00 Conference Dinner, SCHALANDER (HÖPFNER BREWERY)



Friday, June 10

Application/Foodomics II, Chair:M. Spraul, LECTURE HALL
09:00 Plenary: Routine Application of NMR Spectroscopy in Official Food Control
D.W. Lachenmeier, T. Kuballa
09:45 Invited: Metabolomic Investigations of Health Effects of Dairy Products
M.R. Clausen
10:15 Characterization of Juices from Ancient Danish Apple Cultivars by 1H NMR-Based Metabolomics
N. Iaccarino, C. Varming, M.A. Petersen, F. Savorani, A. Randazzo, S.B. Engelsen
10:30 Coffee Break, Poster Presentations, EXHIBITION HALL
Application/Foodomics III, Chair:M. Spraul, LECTURE HALL

Untargeted Analyses of Cowpea Seeds (Vigna Unguiculata) Using 1H qNMR Combined with Chemometrics and Solid State NMR
E.G. Alves Filho, L.M.A. Silva, F.H. Larsen, E.S. de Brito


1H NMR Metabolite Profiling of Guarana Seeds (Paullinia Cupana) from Different Geographic Regions of Brazil
L.M.A. Silva, G.S. Silva, K.M. Canuto, E.S. de Brito, R.M. Jesus

11:30 Honey-Profiling with NMR
J. Missler, G. Beckh
11:45 Classification of the Botanical Origin of Honey by 1H NMR in Combination with Chemometric Methods and New Data Fusion Approaches
N. Gerhardt, P. Weller, S. Rohn, M. Ohmenhaeuser, T. Kuballa
12:00 Closing Remarks


End of the Conference

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