1. Objectives

The World Chemical Engineering Council (WCEC) is the unique body, which links chemical engineering federations world-wide. It is designed as a lean structure with no legal status and no formal budget (though the participating organisations provide staff resource and fund projects and activities on an ad hoc basis).

 The WCEC's objectives are as follows:

 To promote chemical engineering founding values, ethics and education on a worldwide basis, and to influence the federations in matters of strategy and strategy implementation.



2. Composition

WCEC comprises 20 members with full voting rights, distributed as follows:


The Secretariat is held by the DECHEMA until further notice.

 The quorum is 10 voting delegates.


3. Meetings



4. Finances and Liability



5. Glossary of terms and acronyms used in this document

Chemical Engineering Federations - There are currently three federations in operation:


Member Societies - These organisations represent chemical engineering interests in a particular country (although some may draw their membership internationally, e.g. AIChE, IChemE etc.). They participate in the Chemical Engineering Federations according to their geographical location.


World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE) - The premier international gathering of chemical engineers held traditionally on a four year cycle. The congress generally incorporates a fully peer reviewed technical programme, eminent international plenary speakers, an exhibition of chemical engi-neering products and services, youth and student activities and a social programme.


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